From Software decided to calm down the players a bit and showed that they still remember about their announced project, which still did not get the release date.

The Elden Ring is a title that we still know very little about (and most of the information comes from various leaks)

Despite this, it strongly arouses the expectations of fans. Unfortunately, we only get rudimentary news from the first announcement, and the developers simply keep reminding us that the game is being developed and is doing well. There are many indications that we are left to wait.

From Software has decided to reassure players who are still waiting for more information about their project announced some time ago. This time, they showed that they remember the production, via Twitter, where a very telling message appeared:

We are grateful for […] the enthusiasm and support of Elden Ring, our next dark fantasy action-RPG. We hope you are looking forward to it!

The entry appeared a bit “by the way” about the update for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so you get the impression that the developers are inundated with more questions about the upcoming title. Well, no wonder – each new project of the studio is a real gem for fans of the genre.

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