Supermassive Games has established a promising cooperation with Bandai Namco, thanks to which, literally yesterday, another production of the talented studio, entitled The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, appeared on the market.

The British studio Supermassive Games, known primarily for Until Dawn, has taken up the bold challenge of preparing an original anthology of horror films that the company releases in cooperation with Bandai Namco. The first installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology was quite warmly received, although it was not without numerous problems and criticism from some reviewers.

It turns out, however, that the sequel released yesterday, entitled Little Hope, is facing a similar phenomenon as Man of Medan from 2019

The average rating for the title fluctuates at the level of 70%, and this result is greatly underestimated by several very unflattering reviews, where the authors are accused of using the old formula from Until Dawn, which in their opinion is simply overeating.

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