Most people would probably ask “Is National DSL worth it?” The question is simple enough, but the answer may not be as clear. When people shop for Internet access, they are usually looking for a better deal, either on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. They want to save money, and they usually are not interested in the long-term commitments that come with subscribing to conventional telephone service.

For instance, it is not uncommon to hear from a leader asking “Is NSLS worth it? “, and they will usually follow up with” Why should I join DSL? “. Then, they usually explain that they work from home, so why pay more to have DSL when it is possible to use a personal computer for much less money?

Leaders normally justify their membership to the local government leaders by stating that the local government requires community utility companies to provide these services. Usually, they have not looked into the details of this requirement, but many community utility companies charge an initiation fee. What is even more disturbing is that many leaders will not let their constituents know about the initiation fees until the bill for the services is ready to be voted on. There is a saying in leadership circles: don’t do your homework before you shoot!

By joining a networking services company, members will avoid many of these fees

Not only is a local chapter free, but there is no initiation fee. If an individual feels strongly about staying with their current organization, then they are likely to do what is necessary to prevent their renewal. Unfortunately, many community leaders feel that the only way to ensure longevity is by paying an initiation fee. It is not uncommon for several leaders to try to control the board of directors by lobbying for a higher board seat or trying to get an extra post on the board. All of this is completely contrary to the goal of having a non-profit membership.

The second question to answer is how important is having a NSLS worth it?

Is it really worth it to pay for membership? In most cases, the answer is not very important. If someone is seriously considering joining an online chapter, they should first find out if it is required. If so, they should find out the cost of being a member. If it is not required, and a local chapter already exists, then why pay for membership?

The third question to answer is, “Do I have to pay for a professional affiliation fee (a fee paid to a professional association)?” If one is paying for professional services, such as marketing and public relations, then the answer is no. If one is paying for an induction into a leadership program, then the fee would be an investment in success, and one should take that into consideration. Again, some groups require an induction fee, but if you are working on your own, it may be possible to be successful without one. The leadership professional fee is probably not worth it.

One of the last questions to answer is, “What are the benefits of an NSLS?”

In most situations, it is worth the cost to join an online chapter and the process of being accepted into the leadership program. The NSLS provides a solid infrastructure that provides a base for a local chapter and online membership. All of these things are priceless, especially if you are new to the community.

I hope this helps you determine if NSLS is worth it for you. For more information about NSLS, see below. I am happy to provide you with a list of high quality resources to further evaluate the value of NSLS.

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