It seems that the great zombie game, which debuted almost five years ago on the current generation consoles, will have a third version released in boxes.

Dying Light is without a doubt one of the most successful games released in our backyard

The production about the infected, zombie-filled city was very popular and immediately won the hearts of fans. Unfortunately, we still haven’t got a full-fledged sequel and we don’t even know the exact date of its premiere.

Meanwhile, Dying Light: Anniversary Edition has been announced, which will include the full game, all extensions released so far, as well as special bonuses for those who are tempted to buy. As it turns out – this version will not only be sold digitally, but will also be released in boxes (orders have already started on Amazon, for example).

The premiere is planned for December 8, and the price is currently $ 39.99

This is a surprising situation, considering that we are dealing with the third boxed edition, which debuts on one generation. In addition to the original game from 2015, we also got “Enhanced Edition”, where in addition to the original title was Dying Light: The Following.

Be sure to let me know what you think about such play from Techland. Maybe you still haven’t played this production and are going to buy the said version?

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