Ubisoft’s CEO revealed that despite the lack of Michel Ancel on board, the development of the sequel to the interesting game from Wild Sheep Studio is still going in a very good direction.

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It is not surprising, therefore, the scale of worry about the retirement of one of the industry veterans Michel Ancel, who, in addition to creating Rayman, also took care of the first part of the above-mentioned edition. Ubisoft, however, very quickly calmed down the players and informed that the creator’s departure will not make the projects end up in the trash.

Yves Guillemot, the head of the company, once again spoke about the game, who confirmed the previous position and praised the production progress. He informed that despite parting with Ancel, the team of creators is still doing great, and the development of the entire universe can be seen with the naked eye:

The game is developing really well. That world is really fantastic. As you can see, even Netflix has decided to take this universe and make a movie based on it. The team is making progress all the time and everything is going well.

And although the premiere will not take place soon (the optimistic version from 2022 is still being talked about), in a few months we would see the first material from the game since 2018. This one would focus on the gameplay we are going to offer for the sequel.

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