Adnan Syed was arrested and charged with murdering his wife Hana Whitfield. The charges against him were based on the confession that he made to a police detective, Syed saying that he strangled her to death after a heated argument. This is one of the most disturbing parts of the whole case, because no physical evidence was ever found to confirm or deny that Syed killed his wife. There were no signs of a struggle, no blood spattered on the floor, and no evidence of a break-in. There were no fingerprints left at the scene, nor were there any scars that could have been created by the knife Adnan purportedly used to kill Hana Whitfield.

Because of these circumstances it seemed that the entire case had been circumstantial. No self-defense expert could come up with any real evidence tying Adnan to the crime. There were no witnesses, no confession, and no evidence tying Syed to the crime. And yet, for over a year and a half since the murder, people have been writing crazy theories and circulating wild stories about the case, some even suggesting that Adnan staged the death of Hana Whitfield to get a free meal from her husband. Adnan has always maintained his innocence and steadfastly denied any involvement in the killing.

So why has there been an Adnan Syed updated?

There are many theories circulating online, ranging from a big conspiracy by forces within the police force to a hit job by a high-placed government official to tarnish Whitfield’s image. In fact, one of the things that has fueled this current theory is the fact that none of the three police detectives who investigated the killing ever solved the crime. This created a vacuum in which someone with a strong stomach for solving a cold case came into play. This article will look into the life of Syed, trace his history, and determine if there is any truth behind the stories about him and other Baltimore Ravens players.

When Adnan Syed was a teenager in the late 1980s, he attended Baltimore City High School, where he formed a close relationship with Asia Minor. They were good friends, especially when it came to football, fashion, music, art, and religion. Minor introduced Adnan to her family, and the two went on to form the rap duo “Eminem”.

It seems that Asia Minor was the woman that Adnan was regularly calling and getting information from throughout his junior and senior year of high school. In one particular story, Asia reveals to a friend that she had been seeing Adnan for almost two years

She tells the friend that she saw him frequently at Adnan’s apartment and would often come home late at night to his apartment. Later that night, though, the woman calls Adnan and hears him snoring. The next morning, the woman goes to police and tells them about her friend.

Though Adnan initially tries to downplay the situation, the truth soon becomes apparent: The woman tells the officer who interviews him that she is not crazy enough to go up to a stranger’s home and get information from anyone, and even more shocking is the fact that she even tells them her full name. Despite his denials to the officer, Adnan is arrested and taken to jail. From thereon, the update begins.

Two weeks later, Adnan is found dead in his cell in a Maryland prison

Police determined that he died from a massive coronary attack, caused by heavy alcohol consumption and a ruptured vein in his neck. An autopsy shows that Adnan was indeed drinking the alcohol that killed him – but by the time he got to his death, he was already suffering from a heart attack and high blood pressure. His final words to the officer who investigated the scene are, “I is not afraid of life or death – I’m going to enjoy the last of my days.”

An update to this Adnan Syed story would be justifiably boring, and I won’t spoil it for you here. But I would like to take this opportunity to declare that, even though I do not believe the woman’s story (which essentially is highly improbable given her illness), I do support the investigation which led to Adnan’s arrest and conviction. This was all about ensuring that justice was served, and as we’ve seen, it’s hard to argue against such a goal. And given the way that the media has helped fuel a fresh interest in this case, I would also argue that the interest in Adnan Syed Update is overdue.

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